Cookie management

When you first access the website:, a banner located at the bottom of the page informs you that your browsing data will be stored on specific files called "cookies" or login files.

In order to better inform you about their role, the constraints related to their acceptance or refusal and the steps to be taken to block their installation on your computer, SUGAR INTERNATIONAL presents its cookie management policy.

1 - The role of cookies or login files

Cookies allow you to collect information about your visit to the website ( with the aim of adjusting and guiding your navigation as best as possible. Built by the browser, the login files allow you to precisely determine the services and information you are looking for from the entries and pages you are viewing.

For optimal use of the website and its services, different types of cookies are used according to their purposes:

  • session cookies are mainly installed on merchant sites to save throughout the navigation sequence, some data entered upstream,
  • functional cookies take into account navigation preferences (language, screen resolution...), or manage the information entered in previous navigation sessions (connection identifiers, subscribed services, data entered...),
  • analytic cookies make it possible to count internet users while analyzing their behavior during the visit to the website in order to generate statistics of attendance,
  • third party cookies are deposited on the web browser by advertising operators or partners on the website, as well as by social networks and video platforms in connection with the website.
  • The data collected by the login files does not allow you to identify yourself in a name-name way, they are only used for the proper operation of the website and are never communicated by SUGAR INTERNATIONAL to other structures.

2- Cookies on the website

Depending on their nature and the type of data they collect, cookies used on the website require your consent for use or otherwise are exempted from them.

2.1 - Functional cookies

The National Commission for Informatics and Freedoms (CNIL) calls for the provision of cookies necessary for the proper functioning of the website or for the sole purpose of facilitating electronic communication.

This is mainly about session identifier cookies, session cookies for multimedia player, authentication cookies, load balancing session cookies or created, as well as customization cookies for your user interface.

2.2 - Tracking cookies

According to the legislation in force confirmed by the GDPR all cookies allowing targeting or profiling require before they are sent to your browser: the collection of your consent, the possibility to oppose their use, the information that the continuation of the navigation is agreed to the deposit of cookies on your terminal.

This concerns both audience measurement cookies (Analytics) and sharing cookies on social networks (Facebook), so these cookies are subject to the privacy policies of publishers of these software applications.

2.2.1 - Hearing measurement cookies

Google Analytics cookies provide statistics on the use of the website:

They have been set up to collect data making collection of your consent optional:

  • cookies deposited only serve to produce anonymous statistics,
  • the IP address allowing you to geolocate is not more precise than the scale of the city, concretely the last two bytes of the IP address are deleted.
  • cookies to establish your traceability and your IP addresses are not stored beyond 13 months from the first visit.

The privacy policy of Google Analytics is available at the following address:

2.2.2 - Data-sharing cookies

Share cookies on social networks (Facebook, Google Plus, LinkedIn) are issued and managed by the app publishers. Subject to your consent, these cookies make it easy to share content on the website: with dedicated applicative buttons.

Social network privacy policies are available on the following pages:

  • Facebook:
  • Google Plus :
  • LinkedIn :


3 - Acceptance or refusal of cookies

During your first visit to the website a banner is displayed at the bottom of the page to allow you to accept or refuse cookies. This banner also includes references to the purpose of sending cookies to your browser.

You can also set up your Internet browser to be notified when cookies are to be deposited with the ability to accept or refuse them. Depending on the browser used the configuration of the cookie management (acceptance or refusal) differ. Find below the addresses of the dedicated pages for each of the main browsers:

Microsoft Internet Explorer:

  • Google Chrome: yahlrm=en yawnswer=95647
  • Safari:
  • Firefox: and disable cookies
  • Opera:



The denial of cookies can prevent the personalization of your browsing on the website:, so it is important that you configure your browser knowingly.