One sexual dysfunction, or disorder sexual, indicating a difficulty experienced by one or more individuals during a certain stage of sexual activity. They can involve desire, excitement or orgasm...


When genital organs are affected

Vaginitis, urinary infections (sexually transmitted infection), can cause severe vaginal pain during sexual intercourse, duplication of mucous membrane drying.

Some pathologies such as endometriosis   (pains at the time of the Coitus) can also cause severe pain, remaining in the memory of the woman and which can lead to real blockages related to the sexual act.


When pregnancy changes sexual desire

The factors of change in desire:

Nausea, pain or vomiting in the first trimester of pregnancy;

Increase in sexual excitement due to the activation of sexual irrigation in the second quarter;

Increase in physical difficulties due to changes the body that can influence the sexual desire

All these factors can affect a woman's life during this period and have real consequences on sexual life.

Why sexual dysfunction in women

Pain of the Perigee:

- Linked to baby weight pressure during pregnancy.

Linked to childbirth when the baby causes a tear. We're also doing it. Episiotomies (consiste à inciser le pernée pour éviter les tears)

Thus, perineal re-education sessions allow for better tone to prevent possible urinary leaks.

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