Practical guide: choose the right perineal rehabilitation probe for you


Find out how to choose the best perineal rehabilitation probe for you.

Consult a healthcare professional, explore probe types, adjust size and shape, and discover additional features.

Maximize the effectiveness of your rehabilitation to strengthen your perineum with confidence.

Practical guide: choose the right perineal rehabilitation probe for you


Perineal rehabilitation is an essential practice for many women (and men) who want to strengthen their perineum.

Whether you've recently given birth, suffer from urinary incontinence, or are simply looking to improve your intimate well-being, a perineal rehabilitation probe can be an effective tool to help you with your rehabilitation.

However, with so many options available on the market, it can be difficult to choose the probe that best suits your needs.

In this article, we'll guide you through the process of making your choice.

Consult a health professional:

Before choosing a perineal re-education catheter, it is always advisable to consult a healthcare professional, such as a physiotherapist specialising in perineal re-education or a midwife.

These experts will be able to assess your condition, give you personalised advice and guide you towards the catheter best suited to your case.

Types of probe.

There are various types of perineal rehabilitation catheter on the market.

The two main types are vaginal probes and anal probes.

Vaginal probes are generally recommended for women, especially after childbirth, while anal probes are more suitable for men and women.

There are also electro-stimulation catheters that provide electrical stimulation to the perineal muscles to strengthen them.

Talk to your healthcare professional to determine the most appropriate type of catheter for you.

Size and shape.

Perineal reeducation probes are available in different sizes and shapes to suit different anatomies. It is essential to choose a probe that is comfortable and adapts correctly to your morphology.

The catheter must also be suited to the pathology you have, to make it easier to target your rehabilitation.

Additional features.

Some perineal re-education probes are equipped with additional functions such as pressure sensors or pre-programmed exercise programmes (via an electrostimulation device).

These features can be useful in helping you monitor your progress and maintain your motivation throughout the rehabilitation process.

Why order a SUGAR product rather than another?

First of all, the composition of the products. Most of the probes offered by SUGAR are made from food-grade ABS plastic (safe for the vagina) with nickel-free gold electrodes (virtually no risk of allergy).

Moreover, the wide range of products on offer makes it easier to target the areas to be re-educated according to your pathologies.

Perineal rehabilitation is an important process for strengthening the muscles of the perineum and improving overall health.

Choosing the right perineal reeducation probe for your needs is essential to maximise the results of your reeducation programme.

By following the advice of healthcare professionals, considering the type of catheter, its size and functionality, and choosing quality products, you can undertake your perineal rehabilitation with confidence and achieve your goals effectively.

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